Monday, February 9, 2015

Miracleman #15

   Keep this one away from the kids.

   This issue of Miracleman reprints what was, at the time, the most gruesome and visceral comic I'd seen (outside of a few underground comics).

   It brings a dark conclusion to the story of Kid Miracleman. When Miracleman first disappeared decades ago, young Johnny Bates managed to escape destruction - so he grew to adulthood, wielding the power of a god, unrestrained by morality - and he became a monster.

   In their initial encounter, after Miracleman's return, Bates was tricked into turning back to his mortal form - and he apparently lost the ability to transform.

   But it was a temporary respite, as an assault by bullies led the KM's return - and he promptly went on a murderous spree that brutally, horribly killed millions and devastated London.

    The issue is a shocker - you have beautiful, evocative prose provided by "The Original Writer" (Alan Moore, natch), posted up against horrific, incredible charnel artwork by the talented John Totleben.

   When it was originally published in the '80s, the issue stunned readers, unaccustomed as we were to that level of real violence and horror. Even is this more jaded era, it still holds its power - but as I said at the top, it's definitely not for young readers.

   Fans should rejoice that they finally get to see this issue - it's been an expensive one to pick up on the back-issue market. It's a stunning bit of work that took super-hero battles to a new extreme - for good or ill.

Grade: A



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Arion said...

An amazing issue. I just read it for the first time last month and I was absolutely impressed by it.