Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ant-Man #2

   So after being unimpressed with the first issue of Ant-Man, I reluctantly picked up the second issue - because I do like the character (or at least I did when Hank Pym was under the cool helmet), so I figured I'd give it another shot.

   And this time around I get what they're going for - it's another take on the Hawkeye-style comic, with a different tempo and approach from the typical superhero comic.

   But where it works for Hawkeye, it doesn't translate as well here. Perhaps it's because we can buy Hawkeye as a lovable loser who thrives in the Avengers but struggles in the real world - after all, he's on the most powerful team on the planet, so the humanizing works well.

   But Ant-Man is already working with a handicap - his power is just one step away from being invisible, and for his to be a lovable loser as a hero and as a human just makes him, well, a loser.

   The art by Ramon Rosanas is very good, very clean and attractive - but Nick Spencer's story just isn't working for me yet. I like this issue better than the last one, but there's nothing about this issue that compels me to buy the next issue.

   I might buy it out of loyalty, but I wish I was buying it because it's a great comic book.

Grade: B-


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