Saturday, January 31, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #30

   Death has become a standard feature in comics these days, but even a jaded long-time reader like your pal Chuck was surprised at the toll in this issue of Uncanny X-Men.

   It continues the story of a new mutant whose power levels are beyond belief - and worse, he's really not in control of his abilities.

   So death and destruction surrounds him, as attempts are made by both humans and mutants to bring him under control.

   The violence that erupts is shocking, and leads to even more surprising events - and to its credit, the story doesn't take the easy way out. At least, not yet.

   There is a time-travel element to the story - a mutant whose power allows her to travel through time - and that brings another interesting angle to the story by Brian Michael Bendis.

   The art is by Chris Bachalo (working with five inkers), and it's quite good - dynamic, unique and fresh.

   I've complained for some time now that there are too many mutants under the X-Men umbrella - but bumping some off doesn't seem like the best solution to the problem.

Grade: A-


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