Friday, January 30, 2015

New Avengers #29

   I love it when the comic companies exhibit (presumably) unintentional parallel events.

   Thus it is that we find both Marvel and DC in the middle of big stories that focus on multiple Earths in alternate realities.

   But while Multiversity is an exploration of DC's 52 alternate Earths, in Marvel's Avengers and New Avengers, the number is infinite - or is it?

   This issue actually gives us some answers, as the different teams gather together to seek out a solution to the threat of utter destruction, as alternate Earths threaten to collide with "our" Earth.

   We find out what the Illuminati have been doing while they've been on the run from most of the Avengers - and how much success they're enjoyed.

   We get some glimpses of some serious cosmic forces at work, the hope of a solution (and new allies) - but while the heroes are sorting things out, Dr. Doom is also working on a solution - so what happens if he gets there first?

   Oh, and it highlights one of my all-time favorite Marvel heroes, if just briefly.

   This series has been building as the mysteries are revealed and the nature of the threat starts to come into focus - and apparently it's all leading into a new Secret Wars series, which promises to break the Internet (and the minds of a few fans).

   So far, this has been an amazing series - complex, character-driven, with surprising twists and an ending still shrouded in mystery. It's an impressive accomplishment by writer Jonathan Hickman and a small army or artists - highly recommended!

Grade: A


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