Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Avengers #39

   We know that Marvel has had a lot of fun over the years with heroes fighting other heroes.

   Sometimes it's because of a misunderstanding, sometimes they're working at cross purposes, and sometimes it's just because the writer thought it would be fun (or stupid) to have two groups of heroes beating up on each other (I'm looking at you, Civil War).

   You might think the ongoing story in The Avengers and The New Avengers is just another example of that, as two teams - Steve Roger's "Corporate Avengers" and Reed Richard's "Illuminati New Avengers" are spending a lot of time and energy chasing each other, each convinced they're doing the right thing.

   After several issues of cat-and-mouse games, here we get down to some serious fisticuffs, as powerhouses clash.

   We also get to see a serious intellect at work, as Reed puts his plan into action. He knows he can't win - but is there a way he can avoid losing?

   It's a thoughtful, clever script by Jonathan Hickman and amazing, over-the-top artwork by Mike Deodato.

   Best of all, it's a fight between Marvel heroes unlike any other. Hard to believe, I know.

Grade: A-


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