Friday, December 12, 2014

Bitch Planet #1

   I occasionally pick up comics on a whim (as I trust most of you do), and this one was hard to resist.

   From the cover (and a quick flip through its pages), Bitch World looked like a "B" movie-inspired, grindhouse-like action-packed science fiction adventure.

   And some of that is true - but it's also a "smack you over the head" pro-feminist tract.

   It's something of a mixed bag, frankly. The story by Kelly Sue DeConnick gives us a setting where female criminals are sent to a grim prison world where they are... well, not treated well.

   The only time we see men in the issue is when they're behind the scenes manipulating events or casually wielding control over women. Subtle it's not.

   For the women - well, it's a brutal life. They're used, discarded, abused, forced to fight for every scrap of life or dignity.

   So that translates to lots of tension, some terrific action scenes and a few surprise twists. (Oh, and this isn't a comic for kids, as the title should indicate - it includes violence, nudity and bad language.)

   The art by Valentine De Landro is quite good - intense and unsettling, edgy and emotional.

   This series obviously isn't for everyone - but the first issue is setting up a dark, adult series that promises lots of surprises along the way.

   Grade: B+


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