Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fantastic Four #14

   So finally the person behind the downfall of the Fantastic Four has been revealed.

   Guess what? It's Mopee.

   (Not really.)

   But there are similarities.

   For those lucky enough to have missed the story, Mopee was an other-dimensional character who popped up in a Silver Age issue of The Flash (#167) and claimed he had given the speedster his superpowers.

   It was a story so hated by fans that it was never mentioned again (outside of comedy bits in Ambush Bug).

   We're treading on the same ground here, as the mysterious villain claims to have been around since before the team was created (his motivation for hating the team is not very convincing) and he implies that he is responsible for some of the team's past struggles.

   Maybe so, maybe not. But if it turns out he's telling the truth, don't be surprised if this story fades away just like Mopee.

   But this may be unfair - writer James Robinson still has one more issue to wrap this story up convincingly. But so far - aside from Leonard Kirk's excellent art - this incarnation of the team has been a huge disappointment so far.

Grade: C+


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