Friday, December 26, 2014

Bad Times: Book Two: Blood Red Tide

   Comic fans have been following Chuck Dixon's hard-hitting work for decades, as he's written everything from Batman to the Punisher, Airboy and G. I. Joe (among dozens of other titles).

   These days he's kept busy with the excellent Wimterworld - but he's also made his mark writing novels, including a new series that fits right in to his bare knuckles approach.

    The Bad Times series is a terrific combination of science fiction, historical adventure and modern military action all rolled into one fast-paced novel. 

   The first book (Cannibal Gold) established the rules of time-travel for an odd mix of scientists, engineers and former Soldiers. 

   Now cut off from their sponsor, the team must carve its own path in the world, and that begins with a journey to the Mediterranean and a hunt for a long-lost treasure. 

   That search lands the team in the middle of a different kind of warfare and a desperate fight for survival. 

   The story features some shocking twists and turns along the way and makes smart use of its premise. 

   One of the many things I like about the series is (perversely enough) that the modern-day explorers / fighters keep underestimating their ancestors. Considering the unforgiving world  of those bygone days, we should give them a little more credit - and this series spells that out in spades. 

   A heck of a fun ride - part science fiction, part Punisher, part Conan! 

   I can’t wait to read the third volume!

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

Chuck Dixon should (and could!) write ten comic book series a month, but I'll follow this venerable writer anywhere. His books are amazing, and once started, are impossible to put down! Except when you reach the last page, close the book, and holler "MORE!"

Sam Kujava