Saturday, December 6, 2014

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1

   So here's the problem with Angela: she's Marvel's version of Wonder Woman.

   The characters don't actually have much in common as heroes, outside of their fighting skills - but what they do have in common is a lack of personality.

   As writer Beau Smith once said, you should be able to ask yourself, what kind of music does this character have on his or her iPod? With both of those characters, who knows?

   That's because neither one has much of a personality, and both of their backstories are a bit of a mess.

   For Angela, there's still time to sort that out - but the efforts so far have fallen short.

   Originally created by Neil Gaiman, Angela first appeared in the Marvel Universe a couple of years ago, and all we know about her is that she's strong, nearly invulnerable, skilled with weapons (swords and knives), and she's from a world / land / dimension known as Heven.

    A recent mini-series explaind that she's actually the daughter of Odin, sister to Thor and Loki - but she was brought up to hate Asgardians (Heven being the realm of mercenary, amoral "angels"). So she doesn't really fit in anywhere.

   This issue is all about action, as we see Angela fighting a small army to protect an infant - but given her feelings about Asgard and its inhabitants, it's hard to see how we get to the part where she's an assassin for Asgard. Or perhaps she's meant to assassinate Asgard?

   Like I said, it's a bit confusing.

   The art is quite good, with most of it provided by the interesting team of Phil Jimenez and the legendary Tom Palmer.

   I'd love to see this series succeed - Marvel can always use more strong female characters - but they need to figure out who Angela is and why we should care about her.

   Give her a song list, for starters.

Grade: B


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