Monday, November 10, 2014

Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #4 (of 6)

   This series continues to be a real treat - although it's quite a departure from the usual story.

   It's something of a crossover, as it features Usagi Yojimbo and a huge cast of characters (including the woman he loves and their teenaged son) facing a different kind of war - namely, a War of the Worlds!

   Yep, it appears they're facing a Martian invasion - so how can swords and horses stand up to giant mechanical tripods and advanced weaponry?

   It seems hopeless, but Usagi manages to bring the fight to the Martians - but not without cost.

   As always, writer and artist Stan Sakai delivers the goods, creating an amazing world of anthropomorphic characters and making them live and breath with genuine emotions - love, hate, determination and courage in the face of an impossible foe.

   It's a tremendous series - you should be reading this comic!

Grade: A


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