Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #4

   So who's your favorite Doctor?

   Mine is Tom Baker - the Fourth Doctor (sorry, other Doctors).

   It's a bit tougher if you narrow it down to the "Modern" Doctors - they've all been excellent. But by a nose, I'd give the edge to David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor.

   He played the part with a terrific balance of intelligence, humor, courage and manic energy - and just the right amount of cool.

   He's moved on to other roles in the real world, but thankfully his adventures continue in this series from Titan Comics.

    Here he has a new companion, an attractive aspiring artist named Gabby. It's fun to see the Doctor through her eyes as she tries to get a handle on the strange life a Time Lord enjoys.

   To thank her for her recent assistance, he offers to take her to one of the greatest art museums in the galaxy - and we get a fun tour of different art styles. It's a clever bit of business, though of course it can't last. At some point we have to run into some danger and destruction, of course.

   The story is clever and the art is fresh and entertaining, despite the fact that it's created by a small army of artists.

   The series is fun, and while it can't match the high standards of the TV show, it comes mighty close. Fun stuff!

Grade: B+


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