Saturday, November 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #20

   Well, every storyline can't be a home run - and this one was more of a bunt.

   The last couple of issues of Guardians of the Galaxy have been centered around Gamora forcing Star-Lord to tell her how he and Thanos survived certain death in the Cancerverse - and what happened to the original Nova.

   It's a question fans have been wondering about for years - and the ending doesn't exactly make sense.

   It all centers around a battle between the heroes (working more or less with Thanos) fighting an evil, alternate version of the Avengers.

   The obvious solution from two issues ago is finally employed - but in an odd, haphazard way that doesn't exactly make sense.

   Despite some powerful art by Ed McGuinness, Valerio Schiti and a trio of inkers, the story just doesn't "feel" right.

   It seems a shame - there's so much goodwill around this title thanks to the film, and it feels like the last three issues have been wasted dealing with something that should have been addressed long ago.

   But now that this is out of the way, hopefully we can get back to a better balance between action and humor - you know, like the movie.

Grade: B




John said...

I hope they find a way to bring Rich back in one piece.

Chuck said...

I'm guessing they will - just in time for the next movie - hopefully he'll make an appearance.