Friday, October 31, 2014

Wonder Woman #35

   At long last, after three years and the start of the "New 52," we've reached the end of the story by Brian Azzarello.

   It's a tale of gods and mortals, all centered around Wonder Woman, who is both Amazon and newly-crowned Goddess of War.

   Since the first issue she's been fighting to protect a baby who is the last son of Zeus and a mortal. So for 35 issues, Diana and her allies have fought to protect mother and baby from virtually the entire pantheon of Greek gods - Apollo, Hera, Ares, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hermes - you get the picture.

   The rise of the (otherwise unnamed) First Born has been the final opponent to face. Incredibly powerful and fiercely determined, he has murdered gods and plans to take his place as the ruler of Olympus - but first he has a baby to kill.

   This issue gives us the final confrontation, and answers some questions that have been lingering since the beginning.

   The issue features terrific art by Cliff Chiang, who has given the series a wonderful, stylized work. I look forward to seeing what title he tackles next.

   I have to admit that I really liked this series, even if it was a bit too graphic in places. Frankly, the story ran too long - it covered pretty much the same ground more than once - but the writing has been strong and the art so good that it's easy to forgive these minor problems.

    Next issue, a new creative team takes over. They have mighty big shoes to fill.

Grade: A-



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