Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winter World #3

   If you're looking for big-screen, high-octane action, you won't find a comic that captures that better than Winter World.

   The series first appeared in the 1980s in a mini-series, and has been off the grid ever since. Thankfully, IDW has revived it, bringing back original writer and creator Chuck Dixon and teaming him with Butch Guice, who was born to illustrate this kind of tale.

   The story focuses on three characters - a man named Scully, a young woman he's protecting named Wynn and the fierce Rah-Rah (that's her on the cover).

   They live in a world where the weather seems to have entered a new Ice Age, and survival is a constant struggle. But their troubles may be over as they discover a coastal village that offers a break from the ice and snow - but not all is as it seems.

   As always, Dixon writes a fast-moving story loaded with great characters and lots of tension. You'll also find some humorous jabs at the whole idea of climate change - and you can understand why the survivors on Winter World might take a different view of such things.

   I can't rave enough about Guice's art, which often veers into photo-realism, with great character designs and stunning environments - how does he do it?

   So, a terrific action series that you should be buying. What are you waiting for?

Grade: A


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