Monday, October 13, 2014

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1

   One of the things we love about Doctor Who is the fact that each actor who tackles the role brings a different take to the character.

   Titan Comics now holds the franchise, and they're taking advantage of the strengths of the actors by creating separate series based on each one.

   One of the first is the Matt Smith version of The Doctor - the 11th Doctor, to be exact. (Shouldn't he be the 12th? Are they still not counting the War Doctor? Why not?)

   In keeping for Smith's version of The Doctor as a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky adventurer, this "done-in-one" story introduces a new friend and a lighthearted mission as he tries to track down a runaway (and mischievous) alien dog.

   But it's also an interesting story about a woman in need of help - and how The Doctor sweeps her into his adventure.

   It's a fun story, with the proper "voice" for our favorite Time Lord courtesy of writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams, and I really enjoyed the art by Simon Fraser, which manages a nice balance between grim reality and a lighthearted adventure.

   We're sad that Smith has moved on, but happily, through this series, his adventures will continue on!

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

I was at my Local Comic Shop yesterday, and noticed three different Doctor Who titles. One for the new 12th Doctor, one for the 11th and one for the 10th. Made me wonder why there's no book featuring the 9th Doctor? That incarnation was the one who brought back the Time Lord to a new 21st Century audience, and set the series on the path to success!
Or does the actor object to such protrayals, outside his single season as The Doctor?

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, good question. I suspect they're just focusing on the most recent incarnations for the moment - I think the actors sign away their rights to the image when they sign on to the role.