Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thor #1

   One of the problems with being a longtime reader is that you tend to get inured to these stunts designed to lure new readers to a series.

   And let's face it, that's exactly what we have here: a stunt.

   The story finds Thor no longer able to pick up his hammer Mjolnir because he's no longer worthy.

   Why? We don't know. During the Original Sin mini-series, Nick Fury whispered something to Thor that has convinced him that he's not worthy - and apparently his hammer agrees.

   In fact, it seems that no male is worthy - but a mysterious female is.

   So why is her identity a mystery? Who is she? Why is she called Thor? For the answers, you'll apparently have to purchase future issues.

   In the meantime, the real Thor has taken up a fight against some gigantic opponents - but what can he do without his hammer?

   To be honest, I'm finding it hard to care. It's a story where everyone acts out of character - Thor is a whiner, Odin is a blowhard, and Freya is a shrew.

   The art by Russell Dauterman is good, although he seems to be trying hard to model Thor off of Chris Hemsworth.

   I'm a big fan of Thor, but for me, this storyline is off to a weak start. It's just so hard to care when the creative team doesn't give us a reason to care about these characters.

Grade: B-


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