Friday, October 3, 2014

Justice League #34

   I could be completely wrong here, but this issue of Justice League feels like a fill-in issue,

   That because, well... nothing much happens.

   It's a series of vignettes focusing on the newest members of the League - including Lex Luthor and Captain Cold.

   As Luthor separately fights alongside Superman or helps Wonder Woman or confronts Bruce Wayne, we get some glimpses into his motivations (you'll be shocked to hear that he's not exactly on the up-and-up with the members of the League).

   We also visit the young woman who's now wearing the demonic Power Ring, a scene in which we happily see The Flash acting like, well, The Flash (something we haven't seen enough of in his own comic).

   Even the art is by a fill-in artist - the excellent Scott Kolins, who worked with writer Geoff Johns on many classic Flash stories.

   The good news is, this all seems to be building toward something actually happening - but you'll have to wait at least one more issue to see it.

Grade: B


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