Monday, October 27, 2014

The Flash #35

   After reading this comic, I must admit: I'd rather be reviewing the TV show, which captures the fun, energetic potential of The Flash.

   Thinking back over almost three years of the rebooted version of this series since the "New 52" started, and I really can't remember much at all about the series.

   Has Barry Allen ever won a fight outright? (Surely he has. He doesn't here.)

   Have we seen any interesting or unusual uses of his amazing powers? (Probably, but none that spring to mind.)

   The star of the series has actually been the Speed Force. It's broken, if the Flash uses it he might break reality, exposure to it creates a group of Grade B heroes - that's been the series so far.

   In this issue, Barry's future self comes through time to the present to fix his past mistakes - and, yes, the Speed Force - by killing his modern-day incarnation.


   So here's the deal, DC: the Speed Force is just a convenient explanation for the Flash's impossible abilities, just as solar energy gives Kryptonians like Superman superpowers. It's been beaten to death.

   Focus on the hero, make him a real person, give him a supporting cast - make us care about him.

   It takes a lot to make me give up a series I've been buying since I was a tot. I gave up on Green Lantern a year ago - don't let the Flash follow in his footsteps.


Grade: B-


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