Tuesday, October 28, 2014

13 Coins #1

   Artist Simon Bisley has a well-earned reputation for doing edgy, in-your-face artwork that grabs you by the collar and demands your attention.

   Further proof can be found in his work on 13 Coins, a hard-edged cross between Biblical wrath and dystopian destruction.

   Written by Michael B. Jackson and Martin Brennan, the story begins with a classic (and gruesome) battle between the angels assigned to guard the Earth and a group of angels who fought back against God.

   It's never a good idea to oppose God - so for the side of evil, the battle is doomed to failure. But their evil lives on into modern times as the hand of evil rises again and again, and a select group of mortals with special abilities fight back against those forces.

   It all leads to a series of battles, giving Bisley plenty of space to work his grim magic. But is it a battle the good guys can win?

   This is definitely not a series for kids, but for those looking for a serious and gripping story of good vs. evil - and lots of terrific artwork - this is the book for you!

Grade: B


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