Friday, October 24, 2014

The Avengers #37

      The "jump to the near future" story that Jonathan Hickman is spooling out here continues to offer a dark a dismal future where the team has been torn apart.

   New alliances are being formed, several members have gone missing (or perhaps gone over to the other side), and the cat and mouse game between the Avengers and the Illuminati continues to add to the tension.

   And then there's the Cabal - how do they fit in?

   It's all tied together with the usual amazing artwork by Mike Deodato - just stunning work here.

   The story has been a bit unrelenting in its grim attitude - and I'm not sure I care for the way Steve Rogers is being represented - but there are some nice moments, especially the twist at the end.

   So it's the same song - a great story (for those who have been following along), terrific art, and lots of exciting events pushing this complex and compelling story forward. I like it!

Grade: A-


   Hey, here's a bonus! Have you seen the trailer for the next Avengers movie? I can't wait to see this one! Check it out:


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