Thursday, October 23, 2014

Superman #35

   This series continues to excel under the craftsmanship of writer Geoff Johns and artists John Romita, Jr. and Klaus Janson.

   That's largely because they've returned Superman to his iconic roots, restoring Clark Kent to his role as a reporter for the Daily Planet, making Lois, Jimmy and Perry key supporting characters again.

   That helps center the character and make him more, well, human.

   But there's plenty of room for over-the-top super heroics, too, as the Man of Steel and Ulysses, the newest Superman on the block, team up to take on the mysterious munitions master named The Machinist.

   (Fans who were upset by the film Man of Steel and Superman's, uh, treatment of Zod will enjoy the discussion Superman has with Ulysses over the importance of preserving life.)

   With dynamic art are a couple of unexpected plot twists, this series has me once again - after far too long a dry spell - looking forward to the adventures of Superman!

Grade: A-



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