Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sally of the Wasteland #3

   This would definitely qualify as a guilty pleasure.

   Frankly, Sally of the Wasteland reminds me of the kind of low-budget exploitation movies we tracked down when I was in high school and college.

   Set about 80 years after a big disaster (of some kind), it follows a small group of allies as they try to make their way to New Orleans (where they hope to find a technological marvel). But first they must fight past monsters, cannibals, pirates, raiders and assorted horrible creatures.

   The main character (according to the title of the book) is Sally, a tough, vulgar and violent young woman who's mostly interested in protecting her young man - and she isn't shy about using shotguns, axes or her (ahem) feminine attributes.

   The thing that strikes me as odd is this: the series uses the most vulgar language available, it doesn't shy away from extreme bloodletting (severed heads and limbs are the norm), but it draws the line at nudity, allowing only bare bottoms.

    The saving grace of the book (other than the usual dystopic future fun) is the fact that it has a sense of humor about itself.

   It still has some rough edges to work out, and the body count seems high (even for this sort of thing), but I have to admit, writer Victor Gischler and artist Tazio Bettin have crafted some entertaining, low-brow fun.

   Not recommended for kids, of course, but for those who can enjoy this genre, "Sally" is a lot of fun.

Grade: B



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