Friday, October 17, 2014

Justice League #35

   Of the few "New 52" titles I still buy, the one I thought would hold up best is Justice League - but it's been running flat since the beginning of the Forever Evil event.

   That's because it's moved away from its most basic concept - to be a comic about a team made up of the company's greatest heroes.

   Recent issues have been more about Lex Luthor, who has contrived to gain membership to the League. That story continues here, as the team contrives to uncover information about Lex in hopes of coming up with an excuse to arrest him.

   For some reason this requires the entire team to stand around in disguise, not doing much of anything.

   The ending finally kicks off the next story arc, The Amazo Virus (though it's all still a mystery at this point).

   The good news is: the art is terrific, as Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke team up to provide the pencils, with a small army of inkers covering it; and the whole team is here (almost), with the newly reformed Power Ring taking the place of the long-absent Green (Hal Jordan) Lantern.

   Hopefully this is the storyline that gets the series back on track. I want to like this series, but they have to meet me halfway and actually include the Justice League in each issue.

Grade: B



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