Thursday, October 16, 2014

Death of Wolverine #4 (of 4)

   Alas, poor Wolverine.

   Cut down at the height of his popularity, his death leaves a gaping hole in a number of X-Men, Avenger and (of course) Wolverine comics that cannot be replaced. Not to mention all those movies - poor Hugh Jackman!

   Our sorrow will continue... at least until his inevitable resurrection (I give it four months).

   This issue wraps up the mini-series that has combined excellent art and a solid story to bring us to the point promised in the title.

   But it isn't really what I would classify as a "successful" heroic death.

   The real trick to a hero's death is that he or she must fall while giving their life to save others. Wolverine's death here almost manages that - but actually feels more like an accident on his part.

   But maybe I'm being too picky - the story brings Logan full circle and gives what seems to be a definitive end to his existence, with a nice sentimental splash near the end.

   Solid work by the creative team (and apologies for my cynical tone here - I'm just really jaded over the death of the hero bit. Perhaps I'm the only one).

Grade: A-



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