Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Avengers #34.1

   I suppose every comics company has its own version of Superman (just as most have a version of Batman, Captain America and the Hulk).

   For Marvel Comics, that would be Hyperion, who started out as a villain from an alternate Earth. The character has been through several different incarnations over the decades since he first appeared, but his latest incarnation is as a hero whose world was destroyed, but he was drawn through the dimensions to our world.

   He's established himself as an Avenger and a friend to Thor, but he's mostly been a mystery - until this oddly-numbered issue.

   Here we see him in solo action as he tries to track down a boy who was kidnapped. It's a smart, sharp use of his extraordinary powers, and we get a look inside the mind of this unusual hero.

   Kudos to writer Al Ewing for writing a Superman story unlike any other, and to artists Dale Keown and Norman Lee for a powerful look at an iconic figure.

   What I find most interesting is that the character could still end up being a villain. Or a hero. Because of his unique outlook, it all depends on your interpretation - and that of the creative team.

   It'll be interesting to see what happens next!

Grade: A-



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