Friday, September 19, 2014

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes #1

   I absolutely loved this issue.

   Titled Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes, it seems to be a pulp hero version of the Justice Society, and you get the sense that (like me), writer Grant Morrison has great fondness for that team.

   It drops us into an alternate Earth as it faces an invasion from an alternate universe, and it's a battle of equals as the heroes try to stem the inexorable tide of evil.

   It's difficult to talk about, because each character intro (including the team's opponents) is a delight, and I don't want to ruin that.

   Of course, you can see Dr. Fate on the cover (in the issue he goes by "Doc" Fate), and there's a Blackhawk symbol there, too - but I'll say no more.

   The art by Chris Sprouse is wonderful - vibrant, powerful, with amazing layouts and great character designs.

   This is a series driven by imagination and a love of the vast mythology that the DC Universe rests on. It's wonderful to see it being mined to full effect!

Grade: A


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