Saturday, September 20, 2014

All-New X-Men #32

   I like a comic with a sense of humor, and this issue of the All-New X-Men splashes its all over the cover, which is a fun take on the classic issue that introduced Kitty Pryde (note Kitty looking annoyed next to the center circle).

   The interior of the comic is a bit more serious as the members of the original X-Men (except for Cyclops, who's off having fun in his own comic) and X-23 find themselves teleported somehow into unfamiliar - and sometimes deadly - settings around the globe.

   But there's more to it than that. As the guest star on the cover indicates, they're actually on an alternate Earth. The question is, how can they get back to their world?

   As always, the dialogue by writer Brian Michael Bendis is sharp, and I really like the artwork by Mahmud Asrar - his characters are expressive, the layouts are clever and the environments well crafted.

   This is shaping up to be a fun cross-over - though where it goes from here, I have no idea!

Grade: A-


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