Monday, August 18, 2014

Fantastic Four #8

   Here's what I have to say about this series:

   Leonard Kirk and Scott Hanna are doing wonderful art here.

   I like the sense of history that writer James Robinson is tapping into.

   But... I really, really don't care for the story at all. We expect heroes to face adversity, to overcome challenges - that sort of thing - but what we've had here is (so far) eight issues of everything going as wrong as it possibly can for the Fantastic Four.

   There's still no indication of who's the villain of the piece, and for the story to work, everyone (including the Avengers, the legal system and the public in general) must act out of character.

    ("Thanks for saving the world a zillion times, FF, but the story requires us to treat you like crap.")

   So my final thought is, can we please get to the point?


Grade: C


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Cephas said...

Thank you. Why I dropped it.