Sunday, August 17, 2014

Astro City #14

   I really like this series.

   That's because Astro City combines great artwork with thoughtful, personal stories.

   And this issue features something else I'm crazy about: robots!

   It takes us on a visit to the robot museum, which is run by a kindly little old lady named Ellie.

   Over her many years, she has rescued robots that were damaged in superhero fights - so we get to see snippets from fights aver the decades, including some new and unique heroes.

   But there's a mystery at work here, and we're just beginning to get a picture of the real story behind Ellie and her mechanical friends.

   As always, the focus is on interesting characters and clever stories, and writer Kurt Busiek is at the top of his game.

   The art is also terrific, from the amazing Alex Ross cover to the fantastic interior work by Brent Eric Anderson.

   That's what's difficult about reviewing Astro City - you quickly run out of superlatives!

    So I'll just say that it's a terrific comic - one of my all-time favorites!

Grade: A


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