Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Classics - Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #63

   I have to admit that I occasionally buy the silliest comics for no good reason.

   For example, last weekend I stopped in a local comics shop. Looking through the back issues, I found this issue of Lois Lane, a comic I never followed or cared much about (no offense to those who love the series - I'm just being honest).

   But when I read the dialogue and the caption, I laughed - and I knew I had to buy it.

   On the cover, we see Superman walking out of the traditional Daily Planet stock room, saying, "I'll tell you why I'll never marry you, Lana or you, Lois! Who wants a wife so stupid she doesn't realize I'm Superman when I take off my Clark Kent glasses?"

   The caption says, "Could Superman's 'Clark Kent' disguise fool you... all of the time... or even some of the time? So how can he keep on fooling the world? Here is the story we have never dared publish before!"

   Superman has a reputation from the Silver Age (this issue was published in 1966) of being, frankly, a jerk toward Lois and Lana, using dirty tricks to preserve his secret identity. Hard to imagine him being much more of a heel than he is here, telling his love interests that they're stupid.

   Of course, the story DC had never dared publish before ends up being a scam (it's one of those endings where a character takes off a mask to reveal his true identity - and then takes off another one to show his truly true ID.

   The issue features wonderful art by Kurt Schaffenberger (who is actually allowed to sign his work). He's one of the unsung heroes and great talents who never got the kind of attention he deserved.

   The story's silly (more sitcom than adventure), with the most surprising shock being that the story was continued into the next issue.

   Someday, I'll have to track down that issue, too. I could always use another laugh.

Grade: C


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