Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Soulfire Annual #1

   I've complained in the past about summer annuals. The once-anxiously-awaited event has become, in more recent years, something less than special.

   I'm happy to report, though, that the Soulfire Annual is a cut above the average.

   That's because, instead of going for a bloated, overblown storyline, we get a collection of short features that serve as a great overview of the series - especially handy for those who might have come in late.

   The first is a grim struggle in the future as magic returns to the world at large; the second is a cartoon version of a young Grace and her friends trying to help a young dragon overcome a phobia; the third is a more realistic version of young Grace as she learns some surprising things about the world outside her castle; and the final chapter is a genuine primer by Michael Turner, Jeph Loeb and J.T. Krul, which explains the history behind the rise and fall of magic.

   The art is terrific - it's a fun mix of talent and stories, and a great way to catch up on the story behind Soulfire.

Grade: B+


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