Saturday, July 12, 2014

Original Sin #5.1 (Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm)

   Neil Gaiman created Angela over in the pages of Image's Spawn comic, but when the rights to the character reverted to the author (in the wake of a lawsuit), he did something unexpected - he turned the character over to Marvel!

   The problem was, in her original appearance, she was an angel from Heaven! In Marvel, we assume there's a Heaven - but it's never been seen (and is presumably not inhabited by sword-wielding warrior women).

   Up to this point, her home has been pretty mysterious (though it's obviously not Heaven). But this issue provides the basis for her new origin - one that will leave her a powerhouse, and explain her durability and superhuman status.

   This issue spinning out of the Original Sin series launches the storyline, as  Thor and Loki learns a shocking family secret, and recruits Loki to help solve the mystery!

   It (so far) seems like a solid way to integrate Angela into the Marvel universe, grounding her in existing mythology, rather than creating a new one.

   This one is building slowly - Angela only appears momentarily in this issue - but so far it's an interesting tale of gods and secrets.

Grade: B+


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