Sunday, July 13, 2014

All-New X-Men #29

   The All-New X-Men series has been heavily invested in time travel (despite the ending of the Age of Ultron event that predicted dire consequences for any further infractions).

    First the original team is brought to the present - then two X-Men teams from the future arrive, one looking for revenge.

   I have to admit I wasn't too crazy about that story - it just seemed to be muddying the waters too much, and treating some beloved characters badly.

   Perhaps I should have had more faith in writer Brian Michael Bendis - this isn't his first rodeo, after all. With this issue he manages to pull together all those loose plot threads, and with one daring move he makes it all work.

   It's an impressive bit of work and a clever twist, too.

   As always, Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger provide tremendous artwork, including some powerful battle sequences (a few of those "everyone fight" moments), all while keeping the tangled story clear and easy to follow.

   I hope (and trust) that this will wrap up this story for a while - it's definitely time to move on to something fresh - but kudos to the creative team for sticking the landing and throwing in a number of surprises along the way.

Grade: A-


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