Monday, June 2, 2014

Fantastic Four #5

   It's tough to be a fan of the Fantastic Four these days.

   There's a lot of rumbling from fans about the upcoming (rebooted) movie, and rumors are flying that Marvel may actually cancel the comic to keep its distance from the movie. (Admittedly, this is just a wild rumor at this point.)

   A fan of Marvel's First Family (like me) would ordinarily take comfort in the regular comic series, which led Marvel into the Silver Age and has been, despite some ups and downs, one of the company's most reliable titles.

   But at the moment, the series is going through one of those "break down" stories, where things just keep getting worse for the members of the team.

   It's an odd, "extra-sized," all-courtroom isue as the team faces legal prosecution for... well, virtually everything they've done.

   It's nice to see the flashbacks to the history of the team, and the art is excellent, as a small army of guest artists join regular artist Leonard Kirk - including Chris Samnee, Phil Jiminez, Mike Allred, Jim Starlin, Jerry Ordway and June Brigman - but so far we've had five months of tearing down, and apparently more to go.

   I suspect FF fans are ready to get to the part where the good guys get to win one.

   Of course, it would also be nice to see a top-notch Fantastic Four movie. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

   As longtime fans know, this is a series that has limitless potential - in the right hands.

Grade: B-


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