Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Classics - Legends #6 (of 6)

   Event comics are a monthly occurrence these days, but that hasn't always been the case.

   But by the mid-'80s, strong sales on special series such as DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths led to the crafting of yet another series.

   At DC, they followed Crisis with Legends, which served to  bring together the heroes who would become the newest version of the Justice League (if just for a while).

   The story features a confrontation (of sorts) between Darkseid (working behind the scenes) and the heroes he hoped to discredit.

   It's actually a bit confusing to read this series now, because it's easy to forget that this series was also an attempt to sort out DC's then-new and (still) sometimes confusing continuity. (Yep, the more things change the more they stay the same.)

   For example, this issue features the first post-Crisis appearance of Wonder Woman, it brings Captain Marvel into the fold, brings Guy (Green Lantern) Gardner to the front and sets up the Flash for his new(est) series.

   The issue features a terrific creative team, including writers John Ostrander and Len Wein and superstar artist John Byrne (having recently made the move to DC to take on his famous reboot of The Man of Steel).

    It's a solid series - well-crafted and entertaining, and self-contained. Well worth tracking down, even if the continuity didn't stick for long.

Grade: A-


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