Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bit of Business, and Then New Comics

   Before I drop the list of this week's comics, a bit of business. After six years of doing the "Review a Day" gig (including some much-appreciated guest reviews and a few missed days), your pal Chuck has decided to take a couple of weeks off in June. 

   But I want to keep the reviews coming, so here's an open invitation: if you've ever wanted to try your hand at writing one, here's your chance. There's no money involved, but think of the fame and adulation!

   Just pick any recent or "Classic" comic and send a review to us at The deadline in June 5.     

  OK, back to work! It's another week of way too many comics. Here's what I picked up:
- Aquaman #31 - Meet Swamp Thing! 
- Avengers #30 - Back to the future!
- Batman #31 - Still at Year Zero.
- Conan the Avenger #2 - Shadows over Kush.
- Doc Savage Annual #1 - Back to the beginning!
- Elfquest #3 - Elves in chains!
- Fantastic Four #5 - The case against the FF!
- Flash #31 - Will there be enough time?
- Guardians of the Galaxy #15 - Enter Captain Marvel!
- Inhumans #2 - Meet the Queen.
- Invaders #5 - Fighting the Kree.
- Iron Man #26 - Taking on the Dark Elves (not a crossover with Elfquest).
- King Conan #4 - That girl on the cover is going to catch a cold.
- Serenity #5 - Showdown!
- Thanos Annual #1 - Back in the spotlight, and by Starlin, too.
- Tomb Raider #4 - Retracing her steps.
   Whew! That's it.

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