Saturday, May 10, 2014

Miracleman #5

   It's been traditional for magazine publishers to bag their magazines to keep young eyes from seeing something they shouldn't (i.e., pornographic images), but in comics bagging has been for a different purpose.

   Sometimes it's just to make the issue more collectible (such as Todd MacFarlane's first issue of Spider-Man, other times it's to keep readers from jumping to the shocking finish (Fantastic Four #600, for example).  

   But for this issue of Miracleman (which reprints the original 1983 series by Alan Moore and Alan Davis), the issue is bagged for the classic reason - to keep adult images away from tender eyes.

   It's really not too rough by today's standards - but it's good of Marvel to err on the side of caution (of course, if it makes the issue more attractive to collectors, that's ok, too - another benefit of bagging).

    The issue nicely builds on the sense of menace and mystery surrounding the (then) newly-revived hero, as a classic villain returns as a new, darker menace - and we get the first hints of a menace that can threaten even Miracleman.

    I'm convinced that Moore is one of the few writers in the business who can create six-page stories that are compelling - it seems to be a lost art. Alan Davis' art is, of course, wonderful - even early in his career he demonstrates amazing skill for heroic characters and dynamic layouts.

   It's great that this series is finally being made available again to the reading public (especially since the originals can be a bit tough to track down) - it's a nice mix of the stories and some historic and behind-the-scenes material.

   It's highly recommended for those adult enough to handle the mature (and sometimes graphic) material - and are strong-willed enough to cut open that plastic bag!

Grade: A-


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