Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cyclops #1

   I have to admit, I'm impressed.

   Cyclops has traditionally been one of the driest, most two-dimensional of the members of the original X-Men - but as he's depicted in the All-New X-Men, and now in his own title, he's much more of a real person.

   (Assuming that person is a mutant who's able to fire destructive optic blasts, of course.)

   So this Cyclops is the original article, not the modern-day version who's even more dour and grim than ever before.

   And this Cyclops is off on a big adventure. Having traveled through time to the present day, he discovers that his father is not only alive, but it also a pirate in charge of a starship loaded with aliens.

   To the shock of his fellow X-Men, he leaves the team and joins his father in space. This issue shows the young hero learning the ropes and finding himself in a dogfight - and invading an alien attacker.

   I didn't expect much from this issue. I wasn't even sure "which" Cyclops it would feature. But writer Greg Rucka turns in a sharp, funny and engaging story, as we learn more about the challenges of being a space pirate alongside Scott Summers.

   The art by Russell Dauterman is very good, with expansive space vistas, strong layouts and attractive character designs.

    So it's a good start to yet another offshoot from the X-Men family, as Cyclops ventures out on his own. It's not his first solo mission (if I recall correctly), but so far it's the best of the bunch.

Grade: A-


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