Friday, April 18, 2014

Justice League #29

   We must note that the Justice League is the first "New 52" comic to slip on the schedule - while all the other titles that kicked off the DC reboot are at issue #30, JL lags an issue behind.

   Perhaps it's interference from the Forever Evil mini-series, which is also running late.

   For whatever reason, and despite all that, this issue is worth the wait.

   That's because it includes one of my favorite DC teams, the Metal Men. The groups is reimagined and modernized (while largely keeping the original team's personalities).

   Cyborg (the last standing member of the League) comes to them for help as he faces off against Grid, the evil digital force that took over his original mechanized body (don't worry, he has a new one now).

   I like the story by Geoff Johns, which manages a positive, upbeat approach that fits the Metal Men. But I didn't much care for the resolution - the stories up to now have indicated that Relic was searching for something - but that angle never pays off.

   Still, the art by Doug Mahnke is excellent - fresh and dynamic, with some great action sequences.

   The rumblings say that there are some shakeups on the way, leading out of the end of the Forever Evil series. Here's hoping they can get the team back to work - and the comic back on schedule.

Grade: B


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