Saturday, April 19, 2014

Batman #30

   I've been struggling a bit with the "Zero Year" story because it features a Batman who's just beginning his career, and as such he makes mistakes - and sometimes, actually fails.

   As this issue begins, we find a hero who barely managed to survive his last defeat. He awakens to find a Gotham City that has changed completely - it's now under the control of the Riddler (thanks to a number of those video game-esque improbable "Sword of Damocles" devices).

   Those who defy the Riddler tend to have a short life span - so what can a broken Batman do? The answer marks the point where this story really starts to take off.

   As always, Greg Capullo's art is terrific, with bold layouts and some amazing panoramic shots.

    I think my real reluctance with the "Zero Year" story is just that this is well-trod ground, with Frank Miller's "Year One" story being the gold standard.

   This story only suffers by comparison with that classic - on its own merits, "Zero" is quite good.

Grade: A-


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