Friday, March 7, 2014

She-Hulk #2

   This is a series that continues to build slowly.

   And there's nothing wrong with that, as new characters are introduced to the life of the She-Hulk.

   Like the first issue, the focus here is mostly on the "real" life of Jessica Walters, the attorney who also happens to be a big, green powerhouse.

   Having received a large check for her work last issue, here we find her establishing a new office as an independent attorney - so she first has to hire an assistant (and this one gives new meaning to the word "quirky").

   She also spends a girl's night out with one of my personal favorites - Patsy Walker, the Hellcat.

    What starts with some drinks ends with super-heroics, though the menace is pretty low-key.

   But with a good sense of humor and a different approach to the character, this is series to watch. Kudos to writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido for another strong issue.

   Thanks (perhaps) to the success of the Hawkeye comic, Marvel has put the focus on character and story, rather than forcing a cosmic cataclysm into each issue.

   Good on 'em, I say.

Grade: A-



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