Thursday, March 6, 2014

Forever Evil #6

   With one issue to go, the Forever Evil series is definitely ramping up the threat quotient.

   The main threat is to Nightwing, who's been a prisoner of the Crime Syndicate through the series - and who has supposedly had the threat of death hanging overhead for years now, thanks to an editor who doesn't like the character.

   But there are other lives at stake, as Batman and a group of villains invade the Syndicate's stronghold - but can they match up to the powerful Syndicate, and who are we supposed to root for?

   And then there's the mysterious force / characters that drove the Earth-3 villains from their world - it seems poised to invade Earth-1.

   Oh, and we finally discover the identity of the mysterious hooded man from Earth-3.

   So, lots going on, a bit of grisly death, and several twists in the story - but it's still hard to get behind a story where almost everyone (other than Batman, Catwoman and Nightwing) is evil - but it's encouraging to see the Syndicate members on the receiving end of punishment for a change.

   As always, a strong script by Geoff Johns and dark, powerful artwork by David Finch and Richard Friend.

   Thankfully, we're almost to the end of this series - just one issue to go - and then, hopefully, we can get back to some stories about heroes.

Grade: B+


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