Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #6 (of 6)

   It's been wonderful to see the return of Tom Strong, the smart, pulpish science hero created by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse.

   Since Moore departed the series, Tom's adventures have been continued by writer Peter Hogan and illustrated by Sprouse (whose work I adore).

   They've been doing good work, and that continues with this mini-series, which takes Tom and his son-in-law Val on a journey to an alternate reality where the Earth is faces a terrible fate because of a mysterious plague.

   Which creates a serious delay, because Val's wife (and Tom's daughter) Tesla is facing death - and even if they find a way to save her, they can't return home until they discover a cure for the plague.

   This series is always like a breath of fresh air, with tales of heroics, intelligence over brute force, smart science fiction concepts, with terrific characters, wonderful art and an ever-growing mythology.

   I certainly hope this won't be the end for this great, great series - there are many more great Tom Strong stories waiting to be told.

Grade: A-


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