Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Comics Day

   A rough day at the ol' comics shop this week, as no comics arrived (my poor shop owner looked like he'd been shot). So I had to drive about a half-hour away to another comics shop - one that had a slim selection (it made me even more grateful for my shop).

   Here are the books I was intending to pick up today (I actually got six - you'll find out which ones as the week wears on. Hopefully I'll get the rest soon):

Avengers World #1 - It's their world, we just live in it.

- Black Widow #1 - Great character - but will the comic work?

Earth 2 #19 - Under attack by Apokolips!

Fox #3 - Talk fast!

Green Lantern #27 - Double trouble.

Iron Man #20 - Facing the future.

Star Wars #13 - Father vs. son.

X-Factor #1 - A new start!

- All-New X-Men #22 - Haven't seen it yet.

Young Avengers #15 - Same here.

   And that's it!

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