Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trish Out of Water #3

   Finally, we're gutting some answers.

   But not all of them, of course.

   Trish Out of Water started out looking like a standard teen drama, but it quickly became obvious that Trish was a young woman with amazing powers.

   In times of stress (which happens a lot), she manifests strange water-based powers.

   The problem was, she didn't know anything about the origins of these powers - or that they existed.

   Her life - along with her parents and her friends - are threatened when powerful undersea warriors, members of The Blue, come ashore in search of Trish and her family.

   Thankfully, after two issues of being in the dark, we finally get some answers - who her parents are and the source of her powers                                                                                          . Of course, just when we're starting to figure it out, the explanations end and we go back to action sequences.

   The story is by Vince Hernandez, and it'a the best of the bunch so far, with a fair division between action and emotion -  though there are still plenty of mysteries to explain in future issues.

   The art is by Giuseppe Cafaro is good, with creative layouts and good character designs.

   It's a solid series, although it's taking a long time to clear up the assorted secrets and the emotional loss of loved ones. The next issue should be the pivotal one to indicate whether or not the seriess is one to watch - or just a splash in the pan.


Grade: B+



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