Monday, December 23, 2013

Harley Quinn #1

   Harley Quinn has always been a challenging character for DC.

   Is she a hero? A villain? Something else? Can she be a love interest for the Joker, now that he's a crazed murderer?

   Sorting that out is up to the new creative team, writers Amanda Conner (who also provides the terrific cover) and Jimmy Palmiotti.

   Their solution is to change things up, taking Harley out of Gotham City and placing her in Coney Island, where she has plenty of strange characters to deal with, and a new job: landlord.

   She becomes the owner of a building that serves as her hangout, a gathering place for strange characters, and a springboard for a new career or two.

   The story keeps things moving briskly, introducing characters and new challenges for our protagonist.

   The art is by Chad Hardin is very good, with a good mix of straight action and humor - not always an easy mix to maintain. He's also good at depicting lovely ladies, which gets no complaints from me.

   So is Harley a hero on villain? So far, she seems pretty amoral - saving a helpless character one minute, while brutally dispatching a villain the next. Of course, never quite answering the question may be the best answer for the character.

Grade: B+


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