Monday, November 25, 2013

X-Men #7

   Seven issues in and we're still not sure why this version of X-Men is needed.

   The running joke is that the group (which is made up of all the female mutants hanging around the Jean Grey School for Gifted Students) doesn't have a name.

   I presume that's because they don't want to be called the "X-Women" (too derivative), but realize "X-Men" is already taken.

   At any rate, this issue is all about setting up the latest adversary, as a rich, beautiful young woman (for reasons I'm not clear on) becomes the newest host for the being known as Lady Deathstrike, who plots a kidnapping and winds up facing a surprising foe.

   Now that the whole "Battle for the Atom" story has wrapped, this is actually a good jumping-on point for new readers, as Brian Wood sets up a solid adventure with a classic X-villain - and if you're doing a comic about a team of beautiful women, you could scarcely find a better artist combination than Terry and Rachel Dodson, both terrific artists who know how to create beautiful, sexy and heroic women.

   So, a fun issue and a solid adventure (if just the start of the tale) - if they could just work out the title issues, this could be one of the best of the X-books.

Grade: A-


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