Sunday, November 24, 2013

Uncanny X-Men #14

   (Before we get to the review - observant readers of this humble blog will note that your pal Chuck missed yesterday's post. Sorry, I was under the weather - business is back to normal today. A couple of my friends were worried about me - when I miss a post, they fear the worst. Not to worry - I'm fine, I was just being a lameo.)

   Writer Brian Michael Bendis has a good sense for when to take a break from the normal strum and drang and allow for some decompression - and even comedy.

   The latter is especially rare in the world of the Uncanny X-Men, so dedicating an issue to exploring the unusual abilities of a single young mutant is a bit of a surprise.

   Especially since that mutant's abilities are kinda... weak.

   At least on the surface.

   Benjamin Deeds (mutant name yet to be determined) has the abilities of the movie character Zelig. In that Woody Allen movie (a faux documentary), the title character takes on the appearance and attitudes of those he's around, making him something of a chameleon.

   Under the guidance of Emma Frost, we see him learn more about his powers in a fun romp that has him on the run from the law and in very deep with Marvel's ultimate law enforcers.

   The art by Chris Bachalo is perfect for this, with a great sense of fun, joy and energy on display.

   But with all that... it's really just a slightly-above-average issue. We don't know enough about the new character to care that much, and his powers are - frankly - dull. Perhaps Bendis and Bachalo will prove me wrong, but so far, I'm not convinced.

Grade: B-


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