Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trish Out of Water #2

   This has to be one of the most offbeat titles in the Aspen catalog.

   That's because Trish Out of Water is obviously tied into the underwater world we usually see featured in Fathom - but we don't know exactly how, yet.

   Trish seems to be a (more or less) typical teenager, more concerned about her boyfriend cheating on her than anything else.

   But when she discovers the betrayal, her anger somehow manifests itself as a huge wall of water that sweeps in out of the ocean and smashes her boyfriend's home. 

   And she has far greater tragedy to deal with, as her mother is found dead and her father may have met a similar fate.

   As she's trying to sort it out, an even bigger menace rises out of the ocean to menace Trish and her friends.

   It's obvious that she has a connection to the underwater race, the Blue - but we have a lot to learn still, and two issues in, we're still trying to figure out just what's going on.  

   The story is by Vince Hernandez, and it's very effective at teasing - but one hopes the reader won't be led around in the dark for too long. 

   The art is by Giuseppe Cafaro, and it's quite good, although we spend an awful lot of time on talking heads - but the action sequences are well done.

   Trish has a rocky road ahead, as she must determine how to use her new abilities, solve the death and disappearance of her parents, and survive an alien attack. Just like any other teen!

Grade: B+


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