Monday, November 11, 2013

Superman Unchained #4

   It's always a bad sign when I pick up an ongoing series and my first thought is, "What was going on here again?"

   Some of that can be attributed to the almost three-month gap between this issue of Superman Unchained and the last. But some has to go to the muddled story so far.

   As best as I can remember, Superman was investigating another super-powerful creature, one whose power rivals (or surpasses) his own.

   That led to a big, stupid fight with the military, and now Superman has teamed up with the mysterious Wraith to take on... some kind of terrorist group that's using incredibly powerful machines to attack a major city.

   We also get some glimpses of Lex Luthor, who's off somewhere plotting the death of his enemy, and Lois Lane is under attack by that same terrorist group.

   As always, the art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams is terrific, but the story still hasn't come together - though I'll grant it may make more sense when it's eventually published as a collection.

   But for now, it just doesn't work.

Grade: C+


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